Spend Management Solutions


Negotiations Power Session

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Location:  - UNC Greensboro, NC  Time: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Wondering what your negotiation style is and what negotiation approaches complement your personality? This 4-hour Negotiations Power Session will determine your natural style and explore characteristics you should embrace for maximum results before and during negotiations. With eight negotiation styles shared with the participants, each professional will walk away with their own detailed plan for approaching and executing negotiations.
This powerful 4-hour Negotiations Power Session hosted by ISM CV Triad is designed to increase the negotiation savviness of professionals at the table, as well as, enhance their negotiation preparation process for better results. In addition to tactics and tips, professionals receive a personal negotiation style assessment and details on how to naturally master their style while learning how to read other personalities. Come learn quick tips on how to comfortably influence outcomes internally and externally. 
This Power Session is great for purchasing, sourcing, supplier diversity, finance and/or supply chain related professionals.  
During the workshop the participate shall:
1. Strengthen holistic understanding of personal negotiation styles and how to leverage your personality at the negotiation table for better results
2. Reinforce powerful checklist templates and common negotiation philosophies
3. Explore various negotiation prep activities, like the SWOT Analysis to align and influence stakeholders  
4. Learn and practice negotiation techniques in class with simulated team exercises and demonstrations

CEH: Qualifies for 4 hours
Over a four year period (2013-2017), PSM Training Solutions studied the negotiation patterns of nearly 500 professionals in six countries.  Their level of experience has ranged from 30 days in a new procurement role to 30+ years of procurement background.
The study included professionals with titles ranging from analyst, specialist, manager and director at large corporations.  It also included finance leaders and general managers at growing small businesses.
Over the course of study it became apparent that regardless of culture, race, job scope, gender or age, professionals all have negotiation styles in which they naturally demonstrate, knowingly or unknowingly.  Unfortunately, over 75% of the professionals were unaware of their style and how it determined their actions leading up to and during negotiations. 
Therefore, this Negotiation Styles Workshop was created to help drive awareness and a competitive edge within industry professionals.