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Influential Leadership: Negotiation Techniques for Business and Everyday Living

Date: September 19, 2019

Time: 1pm-5pm

Location:  212 S. Tryon, Charlotte, NC


Program Overview

This powerful 4hr negotiation workshop is designed to help all types of leaders better prepare for and execute the power of influence through the art of negotiations. You will learn more about your preferred negotiation style to better understand how you approach situations, as well as, how others may be wired. You will also learn how to more effectively read other’s intentions for better partnership outcomes.

“Whether dealing with people in the office, out and about or even at home, this program is worth every dollar and hour of your time!”

This Power Session is great for small business leaders, business partners, colleagues, emerging corporate managers, business consultants, sales leaders, and community leaders 


Program Objectives

During the workshop, the participate shall....

1. Strengthen knowledge on how to leverage your personality for more natural negotiations and relationship building

2. Reinforce professional tips and techniques to obtain better results professionally and in everyday personal life

3. Explore formal negotiation prep tools, like the SWOT Analysis, to align and positively influence business partners and colleagues   

4. Learn and practice negotiation techniques in class with simulated team exercises and demonstrations

CEH: Qualifies for 4 hours

Workshop Facilitator           

G’Sean Williams, CPSM has close to two decades of Procurement & Supply Chain experience as a corporate leader, consultant, industry speaker, and globally experienced negotiator. Representing large corporations and small businesses, he has brokered, written, and executed over $1.5B in contracts in over 14 country and regions.

Over the last 7 years, he has also supported the growth of over 75 small businesses across the US. G’Sean has delivered negotiations training for thousands of professionals and corporations in North America, Asia, and the Middle East gaining a detailed understanding of nuance similarities and differences in a wide range of personalities.

G’Sean has researched over 500 negotiation professionals and developed a one of a kind Personal Negotiations Styles Assessment to help everyday leaders and entrepreneurs negotiate life, business, and partnerships.


More on Professional Research
Over four years (2014-2017), PSM Training Solutions studied the negotiation patterns of nearly 500 professionals in six countries.  Their level of experience has ranged from 30 days in a new procurement role to 30+ years of procurement background.
The study included professionals with titles ranging from analyst, specialist, manager, and director at large corporations.  It also included finance leaders and general managers at growing small businesses.
Throughout the study, it became apparent that regardless of culture, race, job scope, gender or age, professionals all have negotiation styles in which they naturally demonstrate, knowingly or unknowingly.  Unfortunately, over 75% of the professionals were unaware of their style and how it determined their actions leading up to and during negotiations. 
Therefore, this Negotiation & Influence program was created to help drive awareness and the competitive edge within business leaders and everyday people.


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